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The Good:
-Tom Fulps mug all over this vid
-good way to advertise games on newgrounds

The Bad:
-I was hoping it would be longer :(

The Verdict:
It's cool to see you've went with a different direction towards the Tank Awards. It took a while to load on my computer, since the file was kind of big, but it was worth the wait. Can't wait for the 09 awards in about a year haha. Cheers

Woah Nelly!!

The Good:
-pokedex with pokemon used in previous episodes
-quite long compared to most of your submissions
-used audio from newgrounds audio portal
-smoothe animation as usual

The Bad:
-cliff hanger grrr
-file size was kind of big

The Verdict:
It's been a while since your last submssion, but I understand why. You put quite a bit of effort in this episode, this one is currently your best composed work so far. The pokedex feature was a great idea, adding something else and humor. One thing that bugged me was the cliff hanger ending. Please don't say this is your last episode. 7 episodes strong is still pretty good. Great job =D


Nice and thorough :)

4MB isn't too bad... and only been like 2 or 3 days... slower then usual, but still not bad :P


A Bit Choppy at the End

The Good:
-great animation at the end

The Bad:
-beggining animation sucks

The Verdict:
The song and the beginning reminded me of Mario Paint. I'm assuming that's where the song was from. I had to put it on low quality at the end send the framerate was high. It was a bit short and not much went down in the flash other than the madness creature walking around.

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it was an alright and quite addicting game. I have tried countless times and could not get that high of a score and almost went cross eyed, but I'm just not good at it. I couldn't get the timing down, even though it's very achievable. The medals worked well in this game, and gave the good players something to boast about. The core gameplay was smooth, not having any glitches or slowdowns at any point of playing it. I have come back to this game multiple times, trying to beat my record. to no avail. Fun game, really addicting and good replay value. Not bad for a small flash game.

The game was pretty fun and pretty addictive. Getting the last couple of medals were quite brutal and weren't that fun collecting at the end of the game. The completionists of myself have to go for it, but it might deter others from trying. There could have been more of a power up selection, but having any is always a good thing. The same song playing over and over, got a little tedious. I would prefer it playing all the time instead of repeating attempt after attempt. I wish the game picked up instead of slowing down with progression, but that's more so nit picking. The inclusion of medals is what gave it most of it's replay value. Overall it was alright.

Kandonian responds:

Thanks for the feedback but I will defo take the suggestions on board when working on City Runner 2!

Not much to it seeing as it was only a survey. The artwork was nice and the selection of people to choose seemed accurate. My castle crashers aren't seeming to do too well, but that's alright. The inclusion of a medal for voting is encouraging to have a voice, if only political elections could do the same thing. I noticed there was an inclusion of a highscore feature, but it's not seeming to work. If it's meant to show how many votes were casted, I would very much like a patch update for my ocd statistic ways. Cool concept.

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I have to say, the title of the song intrigued me and I had to listen. The song definitely has a raw, anger to it, glad you could make is musically. The mix of lead and rhythm guitar was nice, and the drums worked well for the song as well. Gave that feeling that everything is gonna be okay. The lead just felt good for the soul. The quality was pretty good as well. Good job on this and rock on.

rainheart666787 responds:

Cheers for the comment dude! Sometimes you just get that feeling that needs to be recorded, glad you enjoy it \m/

Yeah this remake is pretty epic. It has the classic, orchestrated feel to it, mixed with some kick ass heavy rock. The power chords used on this was pleasant and very enjoyable. The remake is just as sick as the original. Always makes me wanna whip out a pokeball. The drums also gave it an edgy sound to it as well. R and S didn't have my favorite pokemon music, but after listening to this, I might have to change my opinion on what I thought of the two games. Great job man, rock on!

techwilliam responds:

Thanks man! I appreciate it! Rock on! :)

Ha! This is pretty damn good. Very fast and tempo and crazy use of drums. Does really have a thrashy sound. The quality of the song worked perfect for the punk thrash sound you wanted. The screamo part also was pretty decent. You just wanna mosh to something like this. The remake was very accurate in all aspects. Good job with this man. Rock lobster!

vee-eighty responds:

Hah, Thanks man!! Glad you liked it!

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May that man rest in paradise.

Pretty cool design given for this picture. It definitely resembles the late Robin Williams. I like the color palette that was chosen for this, really gives it an early 90's feel to it. The shading and contrast was also very well done. The detailing on the hair must have taken quite a while. The quality is also to notch. Overall it's a pretty impressive drawing. Great job.

Pretty good picture of the madness series.

This picture is pretty bad ass. The shading and outlining of the bad guys is done very well. The style of this picture is pretty dark and action packed. Everything is so detailed, whether it's the main protagonist, or the guy smoking the cigarettes. Even the cigarette and the smoke is done very well. The lighting also works well adding impact. It has a feeling of sin city with color crossover with pulp fiction, at least that's how I see it. Even after all these years, it's still looking really good. Great job.

Pretty decent.

It has the David Firth kind of feel to it. I like the way the outlining and shading is used in this pic. The way the facial hair is drawn looks pretty cool. The glare without seeing the pupils is a tad scary, but it works. It feels like a little more could have been added to this pic, like a body, but it's good for what it is. Good work.

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